Follow the road less travelled

They say time and tide wait for no man and that the most beautiful things in life can pass us by if we’re not careful. Now and then, we need to reconnect with nature, with ourselves, and with one another to feel fully alive. That’s our definition of luxury, pure and simple. A journey with Time + Tide gives you the sense of space you need to live in the moment. We help you find your sense of place in some of the most untouched destinations on Earth.


Time + Tide’s family-owned properties are pioneers in luxury safaris in Zambia, an exclusive island escape in Madagascar, and a private mountain sanctuary in Cape Town. We have a legacy of responsible tourism and offer modern-day explorers the luxury of space and the chance to feel truly alive.


Feels like Family

Inside and out, we nurture the friendships and relationships that are at the heart of our business.


Touch the Earth

We keep close to the ground, use natural materials and resources wisely, and celebrate the places we call home.


Surprise and Delight

We go out of our way to make sure every guest has memories that will last a lifetime.


Generous and Genuine

We build trust, we’re true to our word, and we give as much as we can.


Conservation, Sustainability and Community

We are guides and guardians to sublime landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and rich cultures.


Time + Tide Safaris

Zambia is Africa’s best-kept secret, with its vast landscapes, diverse wildlife and welcoming culture. Trace the steps of the early conservationists while experiencing walking safaris in the South Luangwa. Come face to face with giants as you glide quietly in a canoe along the reeds in the Lower Zambezi. Feel the rumble of a distant thunderstorm on Liuwa Plain’s horizon as you marvel at the sight of gathering wildebeest among a flush of colourful wildflowers. A journey with Time + Tide Safaris offers an immersive experience across a land unchanged by time. Discover our nine camps, from award-winning luxury tented camps to seasonal bush camps, set deep in the heart of the African wilderness.


Miavana by Time + Tide

Fringed by white sand beaches and colourful coral reefs, Miavana is a haven of luxury at the ends of the Earth. Raw and refined, this private island sanctuary brings together world-class luxury in a world of rare wildlife and extraordinary landscapes. Madagascar is like nowhere else on the planet. A land of lemurs and chameleons, turtles and terns, where unknown species are still being discovered to this day. Miavana is the ultimate destination for modern-day explorers, an adventure playground offering an unrivalled range of activities that span the horizons of land, sea and air, celebrating the very best of this remarkable region.

Cape Town

Future Found Sanctuary by Time + Tide

Perched on the slopes of Table Mountain, Future Found Sanctuary is a secluded sanctuary nestled amidst one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Luxurious private villas are enveloped by expansive gardens and dramatic vistas, offering an elevated experience of Cape Town, unlike anywhere else in city. Minutes from South Africa’s oldest wine farms, world-renowned dining destinations and the city’s best beaches and iconic attractions, Future Found Sanctuary invites exploration and curiosity, while providing an exclusive private retreat from the city. Guided by the ancient wisdom of nature, our intention is to help guests slow down and align with nature’s rhythms.


Our regions

  • South Luangwa
  • Liuwa Plain
  • Lower Zambezi

Just a one hour flight from Lusaka, the South Luangwa is known for its big cat sightings and often referred to as the Valley of the Leopard. It is in the South Luangwa that the legendary Norman Carr pioneered the walking safari and conservation-based tourism in Africa. Zambia's outstanding reputation of guiding is ever prevalent in our team with some of our guides having trained with Norman himself.  Our guides offer guests a raw, authentic safari experience and don't let the finer details in these vast spaces pass you by. 

Camps 5
Best time to go All Year
Known for Leopard

Time + Tide is the only permanent lodge in the Liuwa Plain. Its vast wilderness of over 3600 km2 has been protected for over 100 years, yet it is one of Africa's best kept secrets. As the African rains arrive in the north, the plains turn to a watery wonderland bringing with it a movement of wildebeest as they journey south to calve near the lodge.  Liuwa Plain is known for its apex predators of lion prides and large hyena clans as well as endangered and rare bird species that thrive in this region. It is a land unchanged by time.

Camps 1
Best time to go Jan - July Oct - Dec
Known for Wildebeest Cheetah

Nestled between the imposing mountain escarpment to the north and the mighty Zambezi River to the south, the Lower Zambezi Valley has a variety of activities that few, if any, other destinations can offer. It has been described by guests as their "happy place" because of its beautiful scenery, peaceful riverside woodlands and abundant wildlife. The Lower Zambezi is just a short 30 minute flight from Lusaka and offers guests the thrill of tiger-fishing to peaceful wildlife sightings on the banks of the river while canoeing or boating. Our guides strive to make each guest feel like they are part of the landscape and not a mere spectator.

Camps 3
Best time to go Apr - Nov
Known for Elephants

Stop. Listen.
Look closer.

Time + Tide has pioneered to make the most remote destinations accessible across Africa. Our camps at Time + Tide Safaris are interconnected through the rivers, starting in South Luangwa’s tributaries and flowing into the Luangwa River as it bends and heads down to the Chongwe River to meet the same water that has arrived with the rains at Liuwa Plain. The journey continues as the rivers join the mighty Zambezi and plunge into the Indian Ocean, carrying our story across to the island of Miavana by Time + Tide. Time + Tide’s family-owned properties are pioneers in luxury safaris in Zambia, an exclusive island escape in Madagascar, and a private mountain sanctuary in Cape Town.

Our natural

Be part of our story and help us continue to preserve the wild places we treasure for generations to come.

At the core of Time + Tide are our values, focusing on four pillars – replenishing the wild, treading mindfully, supporting local communities and our Time + Tide Foundation. Our Foundation consists of a dedicated team that works tirelessly with local leaders to publicly promote health, advance female education, conserve wildlife, and support inclusive diverse education and women empowerment. With every year that passes, greater inroads are made to ensure that communities in which we operate benefit from Time + Tide’s presence.


“We are in the happy business; delivering luxury experiences, adventures, hospitality and good times. A privilege really. We aim that our guests leave happy, knowing that they have made a positive difference and sized up their place in the world.

We stand for a long-term responsibility to do good and to conserve the world’s most beautiful places as these areas are for everyone and for no one; to conserve them is our duty as humankind.

Thank you for being generous with your time and for learning more about our properties across Africa. Hopefully this is the beginning of a journey for you and us, together.”